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Santa’s Gift Rush

White snow flurries in the sky announcing the coming of Christmas. While the streets all exude a happy and warm atmosphere, the atmosphere in the Santa Claus’ gift factory differs greatly.

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Prosperity Lion

The lion is considered the king of beasts in ancient times. It was believed that the lion can repel evil and bring prosperity. According to legend, Jiang Nan was once plagued with disease.

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Hip Hop Panda

Loud electronic music can be heard from streets away. The queue to the club is unusually long tonight, as everyone is currently eager to catch a glimpse of the famous “Hip Hop Panda”.

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Mahjong Ways 2

PG SOFT ™ has launched the second game of the popular game ‘Mahjong Ways’. Are you ready for the highly anticipated ‘Mahjong Ways 2’? Mahjong Ways 2 is a 5-reel, 4-row (with an additional row for each of reel 2, 3 and 4) video slot featuring Wild symbol transformation and free spins with increasing multiplier.

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Mahjong Ways

PG SOFT™ has just launched their very first Mahjong inspired slot machine game – “Mahjong Ways”! Mahjong is a game that originated from China, created from the wisdom of ancient Chinese.

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Symbols of Egypt

Under the immense expanse of the blue sky, a mysterious pyramid stands alone in the middle of a vast desert that stretches to the horizon. Below this magnificent pyramid is the pharaoh’s tomb and a dark secret passage that is vaguely visible to the most keen eyes.

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Piggy Gold

A new year means new beginnings and new fortunes! 2019 will be the year of the Pig! The Pig is the 12th of the zodiac animals and has always been symbols of wealth in the Chinese culture; their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well!

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Baccarat Deluxe

PG SOFT™ has launched “Baccarat Deluxe”, with “Super 6” and “Traditional Baccarat”. Baccarat uses 8 decks of cards, for a total of 52 cards.

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Gem Saviour Sword

Gem Saviour Eric has embarked on an adventure in order to protect the Gem Village from the Witch Ira’s invasion. However, the power of Witch Ira is too powerful to be defeated with just the strength of Eric alone.

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